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Back To Basics

Let's “get back to basics” in finding and keeping a job. What does that even mean? What ARE “the basics”? The following is a list of simple ways to find, secure, and keep a job! You know...the basics!

Sources of job information:

Family and friends


People employed in your field

Telephone book

Direct employer contact

Before the interview:

Learn about the employer

Know the time and place of the interview

Know how you can benefit the company

Know why you want to work for the company

Dress appropriately and conservatively

Go alone

Be on time

During the interview:

Be enthusiastic, courteous

Answer questions clearly, honestly

Maintain eye contact

Speak directly to the interviewer

Tell interviewer why he/she needs you

Show interest in the job

After the interview:

Evaluate the interview

Send “thank you” letter to employer

List improvements you should make

Follow up with a phone call; if you do not get the job, continue your search

Avoid problems on the job by:

Maintaining a positive attitude

Dressing appropriately

Arriving for work on time

Not overstaying breaks

Calling in when you are going to be late or absent

Common reasons employers give for firing employees:



Personality conflicts

Violating company rules


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