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Do you have an elevator speech? If you are searching for a job, you should make it priority number one. An elevator speech is a brief 30 second to two minute speech that summarizes who you are and why you would be ideal person for a job. You should be able to use your elevator speech at all times, from a job interview to a conversation with someone in the little league stands that may be able to help you get a position.

Here's an example from

"Hi. My name is ____________.

I'm looking for ( a kind of job ) in ( an industry, field, or location ).

I really enjoy ( something about a past job or experience ).

I'm good at ( a certain job skill )."

After you’ve briefly stated these facts, you can ask for help or advice. For example:

  • "Do you have any advice for me?"

  • "Do you know anything about this company?"

  • "Do you know anyone who does know about ______________?"

  • "Can I use your name to contact them?"

Put it on paper, read it out loud, practice, and nail it with confidence!

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