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It's not us...It's you.

Are you getting interviews but not the job? You must be taking a wrong turn during the interview process. Here are some tips to help close the deal:

You don’t know enough about an employer.

Research...Do your homework. Knowing about the employer will help prepare you for answering interview questions.

Your interviewing skills are falling flat.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Review interview tips and practice answering common interview questions. It may also help to do a mock interview

You’re sending the wrong message.

How you dress, walk, your posture, and your eye contact all speak for you when you aren’t talking. Make sure it matches what you are saying.

You’re saying negative things about your past employer.

If you don’t have anything nice to say... Unless you can show how you turned a negative situation into a positive one, don’t mention it.

You’re pricing yourself out of the job.

Remember... a salary that’s too high will put you out of the employer's reach. A salary that is too low may convey that you are not serious. Learn about average salaries for similar jobs, and use that information to guide your pay negotiations.

Visit your local Business & Career Solutions Center for more interviewing help or visit HiRE for salary information.

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