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Action Words to Get You to Work

You should have strong action verbs strategically placed throughout your resume. Do yourself, and every person out there hiring, a favor; do not start your sentences with: Responsible for… worked with… or any other worn out opening that lacks power and creativity.

These tired old phrases and words are not benefiting you or your resume. Employers are not exactly stopped in their tracks by the phrases, “responsible for” or “worked with.” They are tired, boring, and repetitive. Every job seeker handing out resumes uses them. Employers want—need—words that jump up and captivate them.

Here are a few examples of action words to use instead:

Captivated Championed Directed Exceeded Pioneered Formulated Generated Intensified Leveraged Masterminded Maximized Mentored Optimized Orchestrated Re-engineered Spearheaded Structured Proliferate Recaptured Rejuvenated

The options are endless. Use and find a new, fresh word.

Begin every sentence with strong words that convey ACTION. Use These words communicate action, results, accomplishments, and contributions. You can also visit your local Business & Career Solutions Center for assitance with your resume!

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