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NELA Healthcare Industry Partnership Launched

Region 8 Workforce Development Boards 81 and 83, and the Monroe Chamber of Commerce joined leaders in healthcare at Louisiana Delta Community College to launch the Northeast Louisiana Healthcare Industry Partnership. Six healthcare industry champions were very instrumental in convening this partnership of diverse healthcare providers across the region.

Industry partnerships are a way for multiple healthcare organizations to come together around important issues. They are a place to collectively address issues related to shared vitality; a single table at which to work with multiple community programs in education, workforce development and economic development; and an opportunity to help create solutions to shared pressing issues.

During the meeting, the 40 healthcare providers in attendance identified opportunities for industry stability and vitality in Northeast Louisiana, and defined specific areas for action. 20 community partners were also in attendance listening to better understand how to assist the healthcare industry act on the priorities define going forward.

Terri Mitchell, WDB-83 Executive Director, said, "The feed back that we have received from this event has been very exciting. One of the attendees made the comment 'It's been a while since I left a healthcare meeting with optimism...I did today! Thanks again for inviting me to the table'"

This is the beginning of an ongoing partnership of Healthcare leaders in our region.

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