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Let's start the week off right!

It’s Monday! Let’s get your week off to a fantastic start:

Arrive 30 Minutes Early & Plan Your Week

  • Check your calendar...last week, this week and next week.

  • Go over your project list.

  • Check your “to-do” lists.

  • Look at you goals – business and personal.

  • Go through your inbox (paper inbox).

  • Check your e-mail inbox and key folders (but try to refrain from beginning the process of responding to e-mails during your planning time).

What are the three MOST IMPORTANT tasks or projects you need to complete? Decide what is the very next action needed. Schedule time specifically to work on these three goals.

Starting the work week with clear goals, plan of action, and time scheduled to work on them will have a positive impact on your productivity. You will have great results for the week.

All the best to you for a great week!

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