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We understand YOUR Regional Labor Market, and you can too.

Compare wages and earnings

Industry-specific staffing needs

Fastest-growing occupations

Available labor force

Employment and wage data

Projections by occupation and industry

Demographics (income, population and commuting patterns)

Learn more by visiting the Labor Market Information (LMI) or Louisiana Occupational Information System (LOIS).

Want Qualified Employees? We have them!

Check out Helping Individuals Reach Employent (HiRE).

Post a job

Virtual recruiter

Search résumés

Receive prescreened job applicants

Hire target populations (potential tax credits available)

Participate in free local job fairs in YOUR area

Let us help you with a Hiring/Recruiting Event

Our Business Services Team will arrange, set up, advertise and take the lead on a hiring or recruiting event. Prior to the event, we will recruit and screen applicants to focus on your needs and their competencies. Our goal is to assist you in making the best possible hire by getting the type of job candidates that you need to fill your company’s job openings.

Contact Us

We offer one-on-one services from our experienced Business Services Team to meet your specific workforce needs. WIB 83 has 10 Business and Career Solutions Centers located across northeast Louisiana. Whether you are looking to hire 1 or 100, we are ready to help. Best of all, YOU’VE ALREADY PAID for our services.

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