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Why You Should Have a Mentor

Having a mentor is great in that they give you an avenue to other people within your field. Mentoring can be very time consuming, but it also should give satisfaction to the mentor in sharing their knowledge with you. Be sure it is a give-and-take relationship. Determine, up front, the expectations of both parties and what they are willing to put in to the relationship.

Mentors can assist your career in a number of ways. They can help with your resume, offer input on a project, and help you identity resources. They can also refer you to other mentors and important people in your field.

Not only will you gain invaluable experience in learning from your mentor, you will gain overall credibility through the relationship with your mentor. It is extremely beneficial in a work environment to have someone that knows your business-mind, skills, and capabilities. Working as a freelance professional, you should choose someone much further in their career than you.

Successful people often want to educate others and don’t mind sharing their methods and tips.

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