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National Emergency Grant Information



The Workforce Development Board SDA-83, Inc., is working with the Louisiana Workforce Commission to secure an Emergency National Dislocated Worker Grant to assist with the flood clean-up and Humanitarian Aid. This grant will be very beneficial to those Parishes who have been declared disaster areas by FEMA. Those Parishes in our Service Delivery Area include: Caldwell, Madison, Morehouse, Richland, Union and West Carroll.

This grant can be used to place individuals in temporary employment that have been displaced by the flood and are currently not working. It can also be used to employ anyone that has been long term unemployed.

We need your help in collecting estimates from your Parishes concerning the number of residents that may be eligible for this employment opportunity. This federal grant will be a great financial resource to supplement parish budget restraints by providing additional manpower to assist in the cleanup (laborers, heavy equipment operators, humanitarian support, etc).

Please contact the Workforce Development Board SDA-83 office at 318-387-7962, or your Parish Business and Career Solutions Center, as soon as possible for more information. There is a very short window of opportunity to apply for this emergency funding.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter and our thoughts and prayers remain with those who have been affected by this disaster.

Terri Mitchell Executive Director

Workforce Development Board SDA-83, Inc.

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