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NDWG Grant Awarded

National Dislocated Worker Grants (NDWG) are discretionary grants awarded by the Secretary of Labor, under Section 170 of WIOA. NDWGs provide resources to states and other eligible applicants to respond to large, unexpected layoff events causing significant job losses. Disaster NDWGs provide funding to create temporary employment opportunities to assist with clean-up and recovery efforts, when an area impacted by disaster is declared eligible for public assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or otherwise recognized by a Federal agency with authority or jurisdiction over Federal response to the emergency or disaster.

In response to the severe storms and flooding that began on March 8, 2016 in Louisiana, in which many Louisiana residents throughout the state sustained damage to their homes, vehicles, personal property, business or its inventory, federal assistance was made available through the LA-Disaster 4263 LA Severe Storms and Flooding Project. The parishes affected by the storms and flooding are: Caldwell, East Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, Madison, Morehouse, Richland, Union, and West Carroll.

Participants will be placed in temporary jobs to assist with clean-up of debris and recovery efforts of public property that was damaged by storms and flood waters associated with the disaster. Supportive services are allowable for participants to participate in disaster relief employment. Supportive services for this NDWG include reimbursement or payment for personal protective equipment and work related equipment required for the participant to be employed in the jobs to the clean-up activities.

This project will last for approximately twelve (12) months and no participants’ work will be funded for more than 2,080 hours, by this grant. In order to meet the time limitation requirements for this NDWG project, which will end March 31, 2017, all participants must be hired by September 30, 2016.

If your employment status was impacted by this event, please contact us to see if you qualify. Public municipalities that are in the on-going process of clean up and repair from storm damage are encouraged to contact their local Business and Career Solutions Center as well.

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