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PHOCAS opens doors for participants

Many motivated individuals who never had the opportunity to continue their education join various WDB83 programs to start a new chapter in their lives.

The training and support services Misty received from WDB83's PHOCAS program set her up for a bright, self-sufficient future with a career in nursing.

In February 2013, Misty passed her Nursing Board exam. When she passed she said, “every emotion possible went through my body.”

Now she is an LPN with Affinity Health Group, working in its Family Practice Clinics as well as its specialty clinics.

She says, “I absolutely love my job and, even more so, I love what I do. I adore the many different people that I come in contact with and take pride in knowing that nursing is truly my calling. I know in my own heart that I am truly a success story. Single mom of five beats the odds!”

See Misty's story below.

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