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WDB83 participates in financial fair with Jackson Parish youth


WDB83 offered its hand in assisting local youth on March 14 at the Garrett Community Center in Jonesboro.

The event, administered by United Way of North Louisiana, offered area Jackson Parish high school students a glimpse into what it's like budgeting finances and paying bills.

The students were given a career and a salary. They were to make good sound decisions, spend their money and see how much they had left afterwards.

Matt Reynolds and Debbie Singleton of WDB83 were two of 28 volunteers that helped man various booths that were designed to simulate real-life financial decisions.

Matt and Debbie sold insurance to the students for a flat, and attractive, rate of $50 dollars a month. If the student chose not to take the insurance, they had to pull a card from a deck on the table that had an array of disasters (from broken tooth to car accident) awaiting them.

There were nine other booths: Housing/Utilities, Household Expenses, Clothing/Furniture, Food/Activity, Credit/Savings, Retirement/Transportation, Continuing Education, Temptation Island and Making a Difference.

"The event was a success," Stephanie Thompson, United Way Community Engagement Manager said. "The event helped to provide a valuable financial learning experience for Jackson Parish high school students!"

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