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Anything is Possible With PHOCAS

Upon receipt of the HPOG award through DHHS/Administration for Children and Families, WIB 83 was charged with the task of providing healthcare education/training and supportive services to TANF and low-income individuals. The directives issued by DHHS/ACF were clear. The HPOG (Health Profession Opportunity Grants) were to develop programs tailored to focus on individualized education and training to address each participant’s needs, rather than developing a one strategy “fits-all” approach. WIB83 responded by creating the PHOCAS Project (Professional Healthcare Opportunities­­—Careers And Support). With exceptional training and employment outcomes, PHOCAS has positively impacted, not just the lives of its participants and their families, but the entire 11-parish region of northeast Louisiana. This is one of our many success stories!

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